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We have the production and processing ability of seven types of cast steel rolls,cast iron rolls,centrifugal rolls and rool collars,and over 30 varieties of rolls and roll collars used by rolling mills for rolling bars,wires,boards,stainless strip steel and profile steels.


1.Centrifugal compound ferrosteel roll and roll collar

The microstructure is composed of pearlite,bainite and carbide,and its performance is between steel and iron.Ferrosteel roll has feature such as small hardness decrease,good wearability,good high temperature resistance,ability of bearing heavy rolling load and so on.It is widely used in section steel.hot rolled strip,roughing and intermediate rolling mill group,as well as roughing and intermediate rack of bar and wire rod.

2.Centrifugal compound Cr2,Crsupporting roll

With less carbide,less damage to work roll,good wearability,contact fatigue resistance,spalling resistance,Cr4 supporting roll will make the hardenability and comprehensiveness of work layer perfecter with furth alloying,and it is widely used in hot rolled strip,heavy and medium plate mill,pack-rolled sheet,and so on.

3.Centrifugal compound indefinite chilled roll and roll collar

The number of graphite at work layer of roll barrel has few change in depth direction,thus hardness decrease is small,for hardness depands on carbite,number of graphite and type of matrix structure;granphite has good thermal conductivity,and it can reduce thermal stress and spalling,and large number of carbides increase the wearability,it is used in strip steel finishing mill,bar finishing mill,prefinishing of high-speed wire rod,intermadiate rolling of small section,sheet and so on.

4.Centrifugal compound indefinite chilled ductile iron roll and roll collar

The spheroidal graphite in work layer increase roll's antifraying,thermal shock resistance,thermal cracking resistance and fracture resistence,alloying changes the morprehensive rolling.It is used in plate and strip,roughing and intermediate rollings of seamless tupe rolling mill,bars,sections,roughing intermediate and finishing mill of stainless steel rolling mill.

5.Centrifugal compound high-speed steel roll and roll collar

The outer layer of high-speed steel roll contains higher content of Cr,Mo,V,Nb,W,which form a complicated carbide structure with C in the liquid steel,and inlay in the stable tempered martensile structure to form the sull,which has higher wearablity and red hardness.It applies to front stand of finished hot rolled strip,prefinishing rolling of high speed wire rod,segmetation stand and finished stand of bar mill.

6.Overall cast steel roll

Cast steel roll has higher tensile strength and toughness as  weil as good bite performance,and the tempering matrix with phase increases the wearability.It is mainly used in cogging of the blooming mill,roughing of section mill,as well as scale breaking roll.

7.Centrifugal compound high chromium cast iron roll

Eutectic carbide M7C3 and chrysanthemum MO2C in Matrix also  change according to the changes of Cr/C alloy component.The matrix is composed of tempered martensite and sorbite with the second carbide dispersed in it,which increasae roll's wearability,it contains rich Cr2O3 on the surface of work layer and the sheet has high oxidation resistance.It is mainly used in the front stand of finished hot rolled strip or the back end of roughing.

8.Centrifugal compound high chromiums steel roll

Raling on the good tempered  structure and the characteristic that the matrix contains rich chromium,and the oxide film formed during rolling is dense,not easy to crush and drop,has better wearability,hardness and bite performance,and so on,the high chromium steel roll is widely used in the roughing and intermediate mill stand of hot rolled strip,roughing and internediate non-groove rolling of wire rod and bar.

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